Voting how-to from MSTA on Vimeo.

This year, MSTA will use an online voting format. There will be three ways to access the voting portal while you are at the Assembly of Delegates:

  1. Select the Vote! Tab to open the voting portal inside the MSTA app (which you can download here). You’ll need to spend about a minute registering to use the app using your name and email address prior to clicking on the vote tab. 
  2. Go to on any browser from any device.
  3. Use one of the iPads available in the convention hall.

One you can see the vote screen, you will be asked to enter your voting password, which is your member ID. You can find your member ID on your convention badge or on your MSTA membership card.


Results will be posted as soon as the voting window closes. A second voting window will open in the case of a runoff.